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Range Rover Sentinel

Range Rover Sentinel

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Range Rover Sentinel

Range Rover Sentinel

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Range Rover Sentinel Sales

Westover Military Sales is one of the only Jaguar Land Rover retailers in the United Kingdom that has a dedicated Military, Diplomatic and Tourist team. As our team has grown with experience, we have introduced Sentinel as part of our vehicle range. We understand that ordering a Sentinel deserves a certain level of service, and we have worked with many countries and VVIP's to make the order process as smooth as possible.

​Special Vehicle Operations have created the Range Rover Sentinel, one of worlds luxurious armoured vehicles. Built in the SVO factory it’s based on the Range Rover Autobiography and provides nothing but the highest levels of protection.

Verified to withstand VR8 ballistic threats, it can withstand a blast from DM51 grenade explosions and armour piercing incendiary bullets.

John Edwards, MD of Land Rover SVO said, "The new Range Rover Sentinel is one of the most extraordinary Range Rover ever produced. It has been expertly engineered by Special Vehicle Operations to provide class leading levels of protection to occupants against extreme attack, whilst retaining the Range Rover's luxury refinement and off road capability"

The vehicle has no obvious visual differences on the exterior to the standard Range Rover Autobiography, despite its level of protection and retains the huge breadth of capability and uncompromising luxury.

Armoured Glass Range Rover Sentinel
Tyre Range Rover Sentinel
Escape Range Rover Sentinel


Our Range Rover Sentinel has European Standard VPAM BRV 2009 VR8 and PAS 300​ armoured glass, meaning wherever the threat, it pays to be prepared.


Evading threats at high speed won't be a problem in the Sentinel. The run-flat system has been specially manufactured ​for this very reason. It has been tested for distances up to 50km at 80km/h.


If the doors are unusable and a quick escape is needed, occupants can exit the Sentinel securely through the armoured escape panel.

Range Rover Sentinel 360° View